Scents and Ingredients

          Our all natural products are produced using the finest quality ingredients we could find. Here is a breakdown of the ingredients we use in each line of products followed by scent descriptions.


Sweet Almond oil

Jojoba oil

Grapeseed oil

Hempseed oil

Sunflower oil

Argan oil

Avocado oil

Apricot kernel oil


Shea butter 

Cocoa butter

Mango butter

Sweet almond oil

Jojoba oil

Tamanu oil

Grapeseed oil



            Our scents are all derived from a proprietary blend of essential oils. Here is a description of our available scents listed by name. ***Please be aware that as we try our best to perfectly match the scents of the oils and balms they may have a slight difference due to the different base ingredients***

White Lightning

 Has a top note of citrus, woodsy mid notes and a peppermint undertone with a hint of honey


 Is a bold blend of woodsy, earthy and spicy notes with a clean, masculine finish.


 Is a mild sweet musk, very reminiscent of a fresh Cuban cigar.

Skull Cracker 

 Is a bolder citrus top note with earthy and woodsy mid notes and a punch of mint to finish it off.

Mule Kick 

 Is a simple blend of vanilla and coffee.


 Is Bootlegger Brand's version of bay rum, think of a vintage barbershop.

Root Beer Float 

 Is just what the name says!


 Is a clean blend of leather, amber,  and sandalwood.

Sin City 

 Is a chocolate honey blend. 


 Is a vanilla tobacco cedarwood blend


 Is unscented

The Gentleman 

A strong masculine blend of 11 essential oils, very reminiscent of a musky cologne